Alaska Tips


fly fishing on the upper Kenai River

For the angler, Alaska offers some of the most diverse and incredible fishing opportunities in the world. It can be as easy as pulling off to the side of the...

Totem Poles

A totem pole depicting a human figure

Beginning in Ketchikan and extending north throughout many of the Southeast Alaska Inside Passage communities, totemic art can be found in galleries and ancient totems tower among the trees and...

Getting Around Alaska by Road

Seward Highway near Lost Lake north of Seward

Driving: Take the Scenic Route

There are 9,241 miles of state and national highways in Alaska - and 1,382 miles that have earned the designation of "scenic byway." Mile-for-mile, Alaska...

Wild Berries Caution

a handful of berries picked near Gustavus
Until you can identify them yourself or you are with a botanical expert, you probably shouldn't eat any of them. Alaska's trails systems are full of many different kinds of...