Alaska's northern lights
Photo Credit: ATIA, Matt Hage

Winter Packages

Winter Packages

Alaska winters offer a wide variety of activities and spectacular sights for visitors — fresh snow everywhere, long nights that are lit up with the northern lights in shades of green, pink, and purple, and trees covered with a thick layer of frost. Mountain peaks are bathed in alpenglow and glaciers and ice fields are even more impressive with a deep covering of snow.

Combine the best of winter in Alaska with a winter vacation package, often including lodging, meals, transportation, and experienced guides that will take you to the best spots for winter tours and activities. Some packages are even centered around popular winter festivals and events, like the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race

Snowmobilers (what we call snowmachiners in Alaska), downhill and cross country skiers, and snowshoers can explore the backcountry to get a sense of the infinite stillness and peace offered on trails and in remote valleys. Heliskiing brings extreme skiing enthusiasts to the heart of some of Alaska’s most remote mountains for completely untouched terrain and an unforgettable experience. Join a dog mushing tour to learn more about the history of Alaska’s state sport and then hop on a sled to feel the thrill of being pulled by a dog team through a snowy landscape.

Alaska’s most popular winter sightseeing activity is northern lights viewing, and many tour operators offer aurora-themed options, including trips north of the Arctic Circle for some of the most dramatic displays. Specialty lodging and tours with an aurora twist give you the best chance of seeing this magical display for yourself. Learn more about northern lights overnight packages. 


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