Looking out onto the water in Whittier Photo: Michael DeYoung
Photo Credit: ATIA, Michael DeYoung

Locals Tips: Travel Advice from Alaskans

Locals Tips: Travel Advice from Alaskans

Most times, the best travel advice you can get comes from the locals. We've asked locals from around the state to give us their tips on top places to visit, eat, shop, and adventure in Alaska.

From the wonders of Whittier, top reasons to make the trek to Unalaska, secrets of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve, "wild" things about Girdwood and Portage, best fishing on the Kenai Peninsula, secret spots in Sitka, best spots for hiking in Kodiak or Fairbanks, and much more, find out what the people who call Alaska home love about their state—and what they think will make you just as enchanted.

Explore all locals tips below.


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