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Bristol Bay

Bristol Bay

Bristol Bay is home to the world’s largest source of red salmon, also known as sockeye salmon. The salmon are enticed by the area’s rich freshwater spawning streams that flow into nearby rivers and bays. The town of Dillingham is the economic and transportation hub of Bristol Bay, supporting 230 commercial fishing licenses plus local outfitters and wilderness lodges that take visitors on sport fishing, boating, flightseeing, and wildlife viewing trips.

Dillingham is the basecamp for trips into three parks in the region: Togiak National Wildlife Refuge, protecting important seabird nesting sites and salmon spawning rivers; Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary, where over 14,000 walrus haul out in the summer; and Wood-Tikchick State Park with a network of lakes and rivers that are ideal for multi-day canoe and kayak trips.

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