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Everything You Know about Alaska is Even Better in Person

Everything You Know about Alaska is Even Better in Person

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When someone tells us they’re planning to visit Alaska, we tell them: "Well, you're going to a magical place and your life will be forever changed." It's true. When you think about Alaska, what's the first thing that comes to mind? If you said glaciers, wild animals, or northern lights, then you're definitely not alone. And those things are even better in person than they are on TV. We speak from firsthand experience, as our adventure cruise company started from the inspiration of wild Alaska. If you’re visiting Alaska—even if just for a short while—you'll come away with an appreciation for nature and wonderment that will change your life.

Two people cruise among icebergs with UnCruise Adventures

The wildlife is unbelievable! You can see whales, bears, seals, otters, and eagles to name a few. If you're in luck, maybe even all in one day! It’s a nature lovers dream.

Experience the glacier temperatures of the crisp blue moraine waters by leaping from the boat for your first polar plunge – in Glacier Bay National Park! If you’re gonna do it, really do it! Never kayaked a day in your life? We’ll teach you! Not too sure about bushwhacking off-trail? We’ll go together and do the things you aren’t sure you can. It’s time to do the things you said you would do “someday.”

Kayaking with UnCruise Adventures

Glacier viewing with UnCruise Adventures

Spring and summer are the perfect time for whales and is the heart of the season for humpbacks. After going all winter with no food in Hawaii, humpbacks put on a display in Alaska. And you will watch them from close enough to smell their breath! No standing 14 decks above the action. In a kayak, or a skiff, or the bow of a small ship, you will have whale experiences like nowhere else. When the humpbacks are breaching or bubble net feeding, or the orcas are on the hunt, we won’t let you miss out! On an UnCruise small ship adventure, the itinerary is flexible, so when this happens, we stay to watch.

A whale spouts near UnCruise Adventures small ship

A humpback whale breaching in Alaska

Still wondering why it’s so spectacular? This is a big one. The aurora borealis. An atmospheric phenomenon dancing across the sky. It happens when charged particles from the sun flow toward Earth, collide with gases in our atmosphere and then interact with oxygen molecules to produce light. And our small ships are the perfect place for viewing in the Alaska dark skies.

Alaska is also home to some of the most vibrant and welcoming communities in the country. Places where you can learn about Alaska Native culture directly from the source, visit museums, and share knowledge.

We could go on, but the beauty of Alaska really speaks for itself. On a small ship, you will go places big ships can’t reach – and the places you could never reach from land. 

Small ship cruising with UnCruise Adventures

It's time for a vacation that rejuvenates. It’s time for an adventure. Small ship cruising is the perfect way to do it. The time is now. And when we say Alaska is better in person, we mean it!

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