Gates Of The Arctic National Park And Preserve Alaska Camping
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Hiking & Outdoor Recreation

Hiking & Outdoor Recreation

It's no secret that people come to Alaska to get outside, as the 49th state has some of the most incredible scenery in the United States. 

The list of opportunities to experience Alaska's outdoor recreation is about as massive as the backcountry itself. Narrow down some of the choices by deciding how you'd like to encounter it: camping, hiking, biking, glacier trekking, mountain climbing...the list goes on and on.

You have two options for exploring the backcountry: join a guided trip or explore independently. Guided backcountry trips are ideal for those who would like some local expertise — whether you’re new to backcountry hiking and camping or you’re a seasoned outdoor adventurer looking to explore remote backcountry destinations. Tour operators offer guided trips for all abilities, all seasons, and all durations. You can basically custom design your own guided backcountry Alaska hiking, camping, glacier trekking, or multi-day backcountry experience.

Independent travelers will find endless opportunities for outdoor recreation, with many trails easily accessible from communities and along the road system. Hikers will find amazing trail systems winding through most major communities along with the vast network of state and national parks. Alaska has a trail for everyone, from accessible nature paths to challenging mountain hikes leading to breathtaking vistas. Endless trails also exist for cyclists, mountain bikers, runners, and walkers, while long-distance riders can use the highways, which vary in road surface and shoulder width.

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