St. Elias Alpine Guides

A hiker points across the Root Glacier toward the Stairway Icefall Photo
A group of glacier hikers enjoying the sunshine on the Root Glacier! Photo 2
A group of glacier hikers explores the rivers and waterfalls of the Root Glacier Photo 3
Bright blue ice caves are hidden under the ice! Photo 4
An ice climber has made it to the top of a climb and enjoys the rewarding views from above! Photo 5
One of the most thrilling experiences a climber can get is ice climbing out of a moulin! Photo 6
Rafting down the Copper River Photo 7
A hiker straps on crampons and gets ready to head out to the ice Photo 8
Hiking on the Root Glacier beneath the massive Stairway Icefall Photo 9
Backpackers enjoy a stunning alpine lake in the magical land of Oz Photo 10
Backpackers setting off on the historic Goat Trail route Photo 11
We're known for our backcountry cooking and our meals are sure to impress! Photo 12
A participant on our Ice Climbing Course learns how to rappel Photo 13
Mountaineers scale up a massive high-altitude peak Photo 14
St. Elias Alpine Guides
McCarthy-Kennecott, AK

St. Elias Alpine Guides (SEAG) curates authentic Alaskan excursions and empowers adventurers to have their trip of a lifetime. With more than 40 years of experience guiding in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park (WSENP) – the oldest continuously operating business in the region – our guides and team expertly navigate the unknowns of the Alaska wild with you.

Although an adventurous spirit is a prerequisite, SEAG offers something for everyone. On every trip, our promise is a big slice of “the real Alaska.” SEAG trips motivate you to push yourself and try something at the edge of your comfort zone. Whether traversing through the historic copper mining buildings of Kennecott or adding your name to the short list of people who have summited Mt. Bona, we invest time into learning what matters most to you and find the experience best suited to your desires and skills. With extensive in-house training specifically tailored to this region, our guides are vigilant and manage the risks of being in the mountains while keeping the stoke high.

Largely untouched by human impact, the WSENP is one of the most extraordinary and majestic landscapes on Earth. We value the humility, adaptability, and grit this untamed playground teaches us to have, yet it makes prepping for an Alaskan adventure very complex. SEAG is dedicated to maximizing your fun and taking care of every logistic. From organizing a custom trip to preparing all the details for a classic tour, our attentive service, reliable communication, and local knowledge keep our clients raving and coming back for more.

We are absolutely in love with the Wrangell-St. Elias region and have been sharing this special part of Alaska since 1978 (before it was even a national park). But it is also our clients, staff, and neighbors who make a trip through our Alaskan wilderness a story that is near impossible to retell. With amazing people and decades of experience, SEAG truly delivers unforgettable adventures in the wild.