Alaska Tips


fly fishing for salmon on the Solomon River

Far North rivers and streams serve up salmon, trout, Dolly Varden, northern pike and grayling.

Refer to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for fishing runs and license...


downhill skiing at Eaglecrest Ski Area

The temperatures in Southeast Alaska tend to be more mild than the rest of the state. Summer temperatures can get into the 70s (F) but usually hover in the 60s....

Glacier Viewing

a glacier day cruise in Prince William Sound

One of the most photographed scenes of an Alaskan vacation is the towering blue face of a glacier. No wonder three of the top 10 most-visited attractions in the state...

Chilkoot Trail

Chilkoot Trail - Summit of Chilkoot Pass

A Southeast Alaska Inside Passage vacation would not be complete without learning about its fascinating Gold Rush history. While hiking either all or part of the Chilkoot Trail just outside...