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Denali National Park Area

Denali National Park Area

The Denali National Park Area stretches along the Parks Highway from the town of Healy, just north of the park, to the town of Cantwell, just south of the park. These two towns, along with the Denali Park area just outside the entrance of Denali National Park and Preserve, serve as the basecamp for people hoping to see the park's abundant wildlife and the tallest mountain in North America. Denali means “the high one," a name given by the Koyukon Athabascans who have lived in the area for centuries.

Healy, Cantwell, and Denali Park offer visitor services including hotels, campgrounds, grocery stores, restaurants, and tour options in and around the park. Within Denali National Park and Preserve is the settlement of Kantishna, located at the end of the Denali Park Road. Kantishna is home to several wilderness lodges ideal for those that want a remote but luxurious overnight backcountry experience in the park. Recreational opportunities in the Denali National Park Area include hiking, photography, wildlife viewing, biking, camping, float trips, ATV tours, and so much more.

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Denali National Park AREA: Parks


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