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Alaskans give new meaning to the term eating locally. It doesn’t get much more local than this. Once you try the wild Alaska salmon, halibut, and king crab plucked fresh from the ocean, it will be difficult to go back to eating the fish you get at home. More and more restaurants are joining the local food movement in Alaska by featuring locally sourced produce, seafood, and game on their menus. Elk, bison, and reindeer are served in many of Alaska’s restaurants. (Reindeer sausage anyone? It's a local fast-food fave.)

Old standby restaurants — Italian, Mexican, Asian — are easily found in most Alaska cities, but count on a few menus having a touch of food sourced in Alaska. The Alaska Grown program’s recognizable brand helps to alert consumers that products are grown nearby. If you’re looking for an even more immersive way to experience Alaska’s local fare, join a food tour or farm tour.

In addition to the local food scene, Alaska boasts a thriving brewery culture. Visitors can taste handcrafted brews at a growing number of brewpubs statewide. In addition to local breweries, keep an eye out for a growing number of Alaska distilleries and wineries that incorporate local products like spruce tips, berries, locally-grown grains, and even glacier water. Many breweries and distilleries offer tours with tastings so you can learn about the process and then savor a sip.

Meanwhile, Alaska farmers’ markets are booming with enormous, dinosaur-sized local produce, served with a side of live music, ready-to-eat food, and local artwork. And if you prefer ethnic food, Alaska's incredibly diverse population means you can sample cuisine from all over the world, especially in the big cities.


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