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El monte McKinley, o “Denali”, se eleva en segundo plano, mientras los vehículos de recreación viajan por una carretera cercana al arroyo Trapper

In Alaska’s heartland, you’ll see the continent’s tallest peak, Mt. McKinley, and wide expanses of tundra. The forests are teeming with wildlife and bird life ranging from the formidable grizzly to stately herds of caribou to the state bird, the Willow Ptarmigan. Experience summer’s midnight sun or the winter’s northern lights. Wildlife can be seen on the highway that runs by Denali National Park, carrying visitors to and from Anchorage and Fairbanks. Interior is the original home of Alaska’s Athabascan Indians. Gold miners, farmers and fur trappers later discovered the riches of this region.

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Our trip to Deadhorse & Prudhoe Bay was fantastic. Toe dipping in the Artic Ocean was a very interesting activity, it was great for reducing the swelling in the feet and legs. The 2 day bus trip back to Fairbanks was probably the best way so see the vast amount of wildlife. Someone else who was very familiar with the road enabled us to concentrate on the fantastic scenery (something that you miss most of if you are driving unfamilar roads yourself). It is also much easier on your own vehicle is you can leave it Fairbanks as the Dalton Highway is not an easy road to navigate with narrow sections, frost heaves and oversize big rigs ( one that we encountered 3 times was 150 feet long and 15 feet wide). An escorted tour is a good way to see a lot of territory in a short time but our next trip to Alaska will be in the RV and we will take 12 to 15 weeks to do it as there is so much to see and 2 weeks was nowhere near long enough to see all that we would have liked to. 

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