Northern Epics

Northern Epics
238 George Parks Hwy
Denali National Park And Preserve, AK

Northern Epics was founded to be different. While most vacationers end up on conveyor-belt-style tours getting herded along like cattle, a select few want more. We are here for those select few. We believe that the key to appreciating the area you’ve come all this way to experience is to understand it. That's why our tours have a large focus on actually teaching our clients about the area and giving them the tools they need to elevate their entire Alaskan vacation.

But don’t just blindly trust us. We have nothing but five star reviews from our clients, and here’s one to give you a taste.

“It was easily the best guided tour I have ever had. Trinidad was a fount of knowledge about the local plants. I learned so much and I carried that information with me on the rest of my Alaska trip. Well worth the cost and enriched the rest of my trip.” - Alicia.

That’s a real review, and we have dozens more like it. If you want a tour that will not only be fun in the moment, but will help you to understand Alaska and appreciate this stunning and fascinating region, you need to look into taking a tour with us.

You don’t have to be an avid hiker to enjoy one of our tours either. We offer numerous tours geared towards people of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels.

Our 3 hour tours are perfect for families with young children and for people who don’t do much hiking in their day to day lives. They have a strong focus on the informational side, while still affording incredible views and an immersive nature experience.

We also offer an option that really gets out into the wilderness, leaving the trails behind and exploring the exotic taiga, with its stunted trees and moss that gets so deep and squishy you could practically swim in it, and delicious edible berries at every turn of your head. And get this - this tour isn’t very strenuous either! Your guide will pace the group perfectly, stopping frequently to tell you about all of the unique and incredible aspects of the Denali taiga.

For those wanting a more strenuous experience, paired with unbeatable views and terrain you can’t find anywhere else, don’t despair! We have a number of options that have been built just for you. Picking either a five hour, eight hour, or twelve hour mountain hike will put you high above the treeline, looking out across the majestic Denali National Park. This is the land of Dall sheep and golden eagles, and your best chance of seeing either is on one of these awesome treks.

If you are one of the few looking to get off the beaten path and experience what the average Denali tourist never will, click the link below to visit our website and book a tour with one of our expert guides. Epic is in the name.