Maple Leaf Adventures

Explore with up to 12 guests on classic, converted tugboat, Swell. Built in 1912, she’s a living piece of coastal history. Photo
Wildlife viewing with expert naturalists and tenders takes you up close to the natural world. You’ll feel like you have stepped into a wildlife documentary. Photo 2
Cruise through Alaska's Fredrick Sound, a hot spot for feeding humpback whales. Keep your eyes out for breaching calves, young humpback whales that are known to jump out of the water. Photo 3
Travel through sheer-sided glacial fjords to the foot of tidal glaciers where you will witness natural calving events as building size chunks of ice fall from the glaciers face into the ocean below. Photo 4
The traditional homeland of three distinct First Nations (Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian), the region’s abundant natural resources have helped shape a rich and continuing culture of music, art, and storytelling. Photo 5
Join your naturalist on foraging expeditions through estuaries, forests, and bogs. Uncover the sensationally sweet Alaskan blueberry. Photo 6
Intimately explore Alaska with a small group of up to twelve. Shore trips are natural and unimpeded by crowd management techniques required on larger ships. You’ll find the trips interesting but also with the unscripted fun of a small-group exploration. Photo 7
Special access permits allow you to view brown bears at Pack Creek, home to magnificent runs of wild salmon and some of the best backcountry bear viewing in the world. Photo 8
Our repurposed, classic tugboat Swell is the most unique cruise passenger vessels plying the Alaskan coast. We explore at a glacial pace, reclaiming the time and tranquility to make meaningful connections—with people, place and culture. Photo 9
Maple Leaf Adventures
Inside Passage
1110 Government Street
Victoria, BC

Join us on a sweeping exploration of southeast Alaska, from Sitka's outer coast in the northwest, to Ketchikan in the southeast. Discover worlds off the roadmap, home to dozens of Indigenous nations, historic coastal towns, and wildlife phenomena that provide fodder for BBC and IMAX shows. You'll see Alaska's natural wonder by classic tugboat, designed for the ultimate in guest comfort. Adventures are unscripted and fun, not impeded by crowd management techniques required on large cruises.