Updated: Tuesday, June 30, 9:50 a.m. ADT

The health and safety of Alaska’s visitors and residents, along with its member businesses, remains a top priority to the Alaska Travel Industry Association (ATIA), the state’s leading membership association for Alaska’s travel industry. ATIA continues to provide important and timely information regarding COVID-19 to ensure safe and reliable travel decisions for those visiting the 49th state. 

The State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services released an update to Mandate 10 regarding traveling to Alaska from outside of the state, as well as a dedicated travel information website here: covid19.alaska.gov/travelers.

Beginning Friday, June 5, at 11:55 p.m., travelers entering the state may enter Alaska upon either

  • producing a negative molecular-based test result for COVID-19 within 72 hours prior to departure to Alaska.
  • producing a negative molecular-based test result for COVID-19 within five days of an individual’s travel date and then obtain a second test upon arrival. Travelers do not have to wait for the results of the second arrival test or quarantine; however, they are encouraged to minimize interactions  (limit indoor time, wear a face covering, etc.) until the second test result is received and confirmed negative.
  • obtaining an initial molecular-based test upon arrival in Alaska that shows a negative result for COVID-19, in which the traveler will self-quarantine, at their own expense, until the first test result is received and confirmed negative. The traveler will receive a voucher for a second test that must occur within 7-14 days after arrival, in which the traveler will minimize interactions until the second test results are confirmed negative.
  • providing critical infrastructure services, in which the employee must abide by their company’s protective plan on file with the state.

If a traveler does not fall under any of the above categories, they must undergo a 14-day quarantine at their own expense before continuing on in their travels. Check out this helpful chart for more information.

Note: Alaska residents returning from out-of-state trips of five days or less are not required to be tested before leaving or prior to returning to the state. However, once they arrive back in the state, they have the option of either self-quarantining for 14 days upon arrival without the requirement of a molecular-based COVID-19 test; or, obtain an initial molecular-based test and then obtain a second molecular-based test between 7-14 days of arrival, and minimize interactions until the result from the second test shows a negative result for COVID-19.

Prior to arrival in Alaska, travelers must complete the State of Alaska Travel Declaration Form online and submit. Travelers must print a copy or have electronic proof with them at the port of entry and follow the protocols based on their COVID-19 test status. Paper copies will be available to complete at ports of entry. Travelers will be provided a voucher for a COVID-19 test in the instances they need to be tested upon arrival or be re-tested if a second test is required, and will receive educational materials about limiting exposure while in the state.

Statewide restrictions have been removed for traveling to communities located on and off of the road system within the state. However, travelers are advised to check with local jurisdictions as they may have individual requirements for traveling to and in respective communities.

For those already in the state, many Alaska tourism businesses are opening under the Reopen Alaska Responsibly plan. Guidance for lodges, campsites, museums, restaurants and more was provided as part of the State of Alaska’s Phase 3 and 4 plans on May 22.

We encourage you to stay in touch with your travel providers to discuss their opening schedule and health and safety protocols before cancelling or postponing your trip. Alaska – and the families, businesses and communities that benefit from Alaska tourism – are here for you and will work with you to ensure your dream trip to Alaska becomes a reality.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to post updated information for travelers. We encourage travelers to look to CDC guidance on healthy travel habits, including washing hands, social distancing, covering coughs, calling your health provider first if you don’t feel well and self-isolating if you have come in contact with someone who has become ill.

Questions on traveling to Alaska or State of Alaska health mandates? E-mail the Alaska Traveler Information Hotline or call 1-907-646-3322.

Thank you for traveling safe!

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