Plan Your Trip

Whether by air, road or sea, a vacation to Alaska includes a scenic journey that is sure to be as memorable as the destination.  The methods to reach the Last Frontier are many, and each has its own unique set of benefits.

Once you arrive, you can travel within the state by plane, boat, train, car or motorcoach/bus.  No matter which mode you choose, traveling through Alaska offers a front row seat to experience inspiring scenery and exquisite wildlife.

Alaska Tips


A camper surveys his beach-side campsite

During the summer months, Alaska enjoys extended daylight hours throughout the state. The further north you travel, the more pronounced the difference. In Anchorage, for example, the sun rises at...

Getting to Alaska by Air

plane taxiing into the village of Gambell

Flying is Fastest

Flying to Alaska is as easy and affordable as flying to many familiar vacation spots. More than a dozen airlines have service to Alaska. Direct flights are...

Kenai River Salmon

Fish jumping at Russian River Falls – near highway mile marker 52

What Kodiak is to bears, the Kenai River is to salmon...home to the largest salmon in the world. In fact, the Kenai offers anglers all five species of salmon, and...

Bear Viewing

A black bear catches a salmon dinner

Southwest contains some of the best bear viewing areas in the state, including McNeal River State Game Sanctuary, Katmai National Park - Brooks Falls, and Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge -...