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Un estanque de montaña refleja el hermoso paisaje en sus aguas mansas

Home to over half of Alaska’s population, Southcentral is a playground of activities from world-class fishing to hiking and wildlife viewing. With mountains and lakes, Southcentral offers the advantages of remote wilderness, but is linked via roads. World-class rainbow trout and salmon shimmer brilliantly, beckoning to prospective anglers. Southcentral has the amenities travelers seek, while serving as a gateway to the wilderness experience.

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We spent our 30th anniversary in Alaska just like we wanted to!!!

We cruised from Vancouver to Whittier then returned by the Alaska Marine Highway System from Whittier to Wrangell then flew home.

We had bright sunny days for Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway with the temp in the high 70's during the day. Our favorite was Skagway & the White Pass & Yukon Route. The history & seeing the route the miners took was amazing & spectacular. The train ride was smooth & just the perfect length of time. It rained in Sitka but we saw the Russian dancers then returned to our cabin as we were exhausted. Then next day we were at the College Fjord & it was so clear & perfect we were able to get within 800 ft of the glacier when it calved (numerous times). My pictures are fantastic & will likely be our Christmas cards this year.

We then went to Whittier. It rains all the time there but that's OK the people are friendly & the food is good. We stayed in the building the entire town stays in. We were in a B&B Condo on the top floor & had views of the mountain & waterfalls from our windows. We toured the museum for $3 & was money well spent if you like history  as it talked about the war & the building we had just spent the night in. The people in town are "Characters" as you would expect.

Our experience on the ferry was not the greatest (take sea-sickness meds & lots of them). After the first day & 1/2 of lying in our berths with 17-23 foot swells causing nausea in myself & my solid stomached husband we were able to get out & about the ship. The food was good & reasonably priced with things to do on board like putting puzzles together & meeting the local people. We changed ships in Juneau (HINT:::::: They are not always on time & can miss your connecting ship) & went to Wrangell.

We stayed in a lovely B&B & met many people in town. You will stick out like a sore thumb if you don't have on the "boots" everyone wears as it is a rainforest like Ketchikan.  We were visiting friends there & were able to take a trip with Breakaway Tours to Anan & saw the bears fish for the salmon. We were there for 4 hours with 1 1/2 hr travel time each way. It was a long day. Take a bagged lunch but you must leave everything on the boat (no food, candy, mints, gum)  Take lots of film. It is amazing & is a 1/2 mile walk with steps. This was our most expensive tour but well worth the money.  We then went to see the petrographs (go at low tide & go the the right on the beach) & the rainbow falls (269 steps & lots of elevation). The museum was great.

While we were in church on Sunday one of the couple decided we needed wheels to get around the island (14 miles paved) & loaned us their truck. You would not find such friendliness in the lower 48. We had people stop us in the grocery store & ask where we were from & how long we were there for & if there was anything they could show us. We hope to return & will definately take the ferry system to do it as you meet so many more people that way & get good ideas. I also had Fromme's Alaska which helped with our reservations & what should be seen  along with the prices of the tours & how to get around.  

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