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Un estanque de montaña refleja el hermoso paisaje en sus aguas mansas

Home to over half of Alaska’s population, Southcentral is a playground of activities from world-class fishing to hiking and wildlife viewing. With mountains and lakes, Southcentral offers the advantages of remote wilderness, but is linked via roads. World-class rainbow trout and salmon shimmer brilliantly, beckoning to prospective anglers. Southcentral has the amenities travelers seek, while serving as a gateway to the wilderness experience.

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On the land part of our trip my husband and I stayed at Denali Wilderness Lodge. We were given directions to a walking path about a mile down the road. We had just started on the path when we were confronted by a moose who did not like our presence there. We ran out of the path area but returned to take pictures when he decided we were harmless. Undaunted, we decided to continue walking the path, seeing a mother moose and twins but they ran off when they saw us. After telling our friends about our encounter, they wanted to see moose "up close and personal" also. After dinner we returned to the area and went almost around the entire area without seeing a moose. Then, to our delight, we saw the mother moose and twins. The twins entertained us, playing and having a good time. They ventured out onto the path where we got some excellent shots of all three moose.

One of the best, and probably the most stupid adventure we had was to climb to the top of Mt. Roberts Tramway in Juneau. We had read there was a trail, so we were aware of its existence. As soon as the ship docked, we were off to explore Juneau. We walked around and ended up on Sixth Street, where the trail starts. Along the way,  we saw Chicken Park, with its delightful metal sculptures of chickens and a nun and read the history of the area. We then found the entrance to the trail. Being from Ohio, we are familiar with walking and biking trails and the wildest animals we encounter are rabbits, deer and an occasional fox. We decided to climb, despite seeing it was a hiking trail and not our familiar walking trail. We were totally unprepared for this hike - no one knew where we were, no water, no cell phone and the wrong clothes, except for our walking shoes (should have had hiking boots!). We only saw one person at the beginning of the trail and she encouraged us to "go for it". Half way up we found the neatest photo op and a resting place with bleachers. We also encountered another hiker who warned us to make noise (we forgot there are bears there!). So, the rest of the way up the mountain, I clapped and talked (and prayed). We made it successfully and knew we weren't going to walk back down (very steep). A nature worker also informed us we weren't walking back down as there had been two bear sightings that morning! Later that evening, when we were thinking back over our adventure, we realized how very special our climb was (no one else on the ship had climbed the mountain) but also how very naive and lucky we were.

Those were our "adventures" but the whole trip was fantastic. The scenery was breathtaking, the people friendly and helpful. My husband and I researched the trip ahead of time and knew what we wanted to do, what side trips to schedule and areas we wanted to see. We both agree it was the trip of a lifetime!

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