This gigantic glacier is the largest in the U.S. that can be reached by vehicle.

Matanuska Glacier, one of Alaska's most accessible glaciers, is a stable 27-mile long river of ice flowing from the Chugach Mountains north almost to the Glenn Highway. With a four-mile wide terminus visible from one of Alaska's major highways, the Matanuska Glacier is the most popular roadside attraction between Anchorage and Glennallen, and visitors flock to the area in the summer for the glacier’s brilliant views and epic treks.


Most visitors get close with the ice at Glacier Park, a private access area at Mile 102 of the Glenn Highway. A private road leads to a parking lot at the terminal moraine where you can start a guided trek on the glacier. Several tour companies offer guided tours that explore this enormous river of ice. Expert guides will get you geared up with helmets, crampons, and poles and lead you safely across the glacier to explore the stunning blue maze of ice. Tours are available year-round and last 1 – 2 hours.

To the south of Glacier Park is Matanuska Glacier State Recreation Area, a 229-acre recreation area located adjacent to the Glenn Highway at Mile 101. Although there is no direct access to the glacier, this state site provides some of the best views of the Matanuska Glacier and the headwaters of the Matanuska River, plus a campground with 12 campsites. Visitors can take a 20-minute stroll through the forested Edge Nature Trail to reach the glacier viewing platforms.

Beyond viewing the magnificence of the glacier, popular summer activities in the area include glacier trekking, river rafting, and hiking. Winter activities include skiing, snowshoeing, and snow machining.


The Matanuska Glacier is a valley glacier, consisting of streams of flowing ice that create the headwaters of the Matanuska River. Now 60 miles south of Palmer, the position of the terminus has changed relatively little in the past 30 years. The glacier functions as a weather hole that naturally propels warm valley air upward. Due to this phenomenon, visitors will experience sunnier skies and a warmer environment compared to the rest of the Mat-Su Valley, making this a premier destination for those seeking glacial adventures.

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