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Gondwana Ecotours

See these rare creatures in their natural habitat: We invite you to join us on an unforgettable 7 day adventure in the Arctic, including 4 bear viewing tours and authentic cultural activities. Our trip is full of incredible wildlife viewing and guides are on hand to help you get the perfect photo. Learn from natives and Arctic residents about what it is like to live in such a challenging environment. See the traditional equipment used in tribal whaling expeditions and hear from an elder captain how native life is adapting with modern times. Discuss the issues of global warming and sea ice recession with an Arctic environmentalist and author. This tour is full of authentic culture and amazing for bear viewing and photography. Don’t miss your chance to sign up, only 12 spots per trip!

Phone: 1-877-587-8479

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  • Region: Alaska's Arctic
  • City/town: Regionwide
  • Service: Bear Viewing
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