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Adventure Kodiak, LLC

Sea Birds are abundant along the Kodiak Archipelago and Coastal Katmai National Park. Black oyster catchers are found nesting just above the high tide line near St. Herman's Harbor and on the Islands within Halo Bay. Bald eagles are high on everyones list to witness catching fish, both adults and juveniles are easily spotted as you cruise between Kodiak Island and Coastal Katmai National Park. Tufted and Horned puffins nest and raise their young high on the shore line cliffs where they have easy access for fish to eat and feed to the young. Between the migratory birds and resident there have been over 200 species recorded. Many of the areas where nesting occurs are inaccessible except boat. ADVENTURE KODIAK, 855-337-6532, info@adventurekodiak.com.

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St.Herman Harbor
Kodiak, 99615

Phone: 907-337-6532

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  • Region: Southwest Alaska
  • City/town: Kodiak
  • Service: Birding
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