Motorhome drives on highway by Worthington Glacier in Alaska
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Getting To & Around Alaska

Getting To & Around Alaska

Whether by air, road, or sea, a vacation to Alaska includes a scenic journey that is sure to be as memorable as the destination - and each has its own unique set of benefits. Independent travelers will enjoy traveling to and around Alaska by car or RV for the ultimate road trip, but there are lots of options for getting around Alaska without a car. Once you arrive, you can travel within the state by plane, cruise, ferry, train, car, or motorcoach/bus/shuttle. No matter which mode you choose, traveling through Alaska offers a front row seat to experience inspiring scenery and exquisite wildlife.

Air travel includes jet service to Alaska's major airports of Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Juneau. Regional air carriers and chartered air services provide access to smaller communities, villages, and remote areas throughout the state.

Cruising to Alaska offers a spectacular journey to and through Alaska's magnificent scenery. Major cruise lines feature a variety of room options, all-inclusive meals, entertainment, and amenities, while smaller cruise operators cater packages to specific traveler styles like adventure or luxury travel. 

The Alaska Marine Highway System is another option to reach the major ports of call in the state by boat. These ferries welcome both drive-on and walk-on travelers, and offer multi-day mainline routes to reach Alaska from Bellingham, WA, and Prince Rupert, British Columbia. For sleeping accommodations, a rider can choose to rent a private room, camp under the stars on the upper deck, or roll out a sleeping bag in a covered, heated solarium.

For those who love road trips, driving to Alaska is a one-of-a-kind opportunity full of unfolding vistas of magnificent landscapes, Indigenous cultural experiences, rich history, and diverse wildlife. The drive does require some pre-planning - for more information on specific driving routes, visit North to Alaska online. And remember - you have to drive through Canada to drive to Alaska, so be sure to bring your passport! For a road trip that lets you truly sit back and enjoy the views, you can get around Alaska by motorcoach/bus tour or shuttle transfer to some of the state's top destinations.

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