Alaskan road winding through moutains
Milepost 101

There are many travel guides out there that offer good advice and highlights for visitors, but only one book gives a detailed, mile-by-mile description of practically the entire road system in Alaska and northwestern Canada. Every year, field editors for “The Milepost” explore the state’s roads and update the highway logs with new and updated businesses along with their location. This detailed travel companion is a valuable tool for planning a trip in advance or on the go. In “The Milepost,” you will find maps; Alaska’s major destinations, including communities, attractions and state and national parks; assistance with additional transportation modes; a helpful index of subjects and destinations; and a how-to guide to using “The Milepost.”

A section at the beginning of “The Milepost” offers helpful tips and guidelines to traveling in Alaska, provides sample driving itineraries for driving to Alaska and things to take into consideration when planning a trip. For more information, or to order the most recent edition of “The Milepost,” visit “

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