September 2011

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Submitted By: Lisa Dubicki — Fall in Alaska's Interior

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Alaska is renowned for its pristine wilderness, abundant wildlife and rich Native culture, but what many visitors might not be aware of is the variety of state-run initiatives that help to ensure these authentic wonders never cease. Programs new and old include the promotion and development of sustainable agriculture, Native art, accessible wildlife viewing, and most recently, Alaska as a destination for feature filmmaking. Read on to learn more about the Alaska Grown, Silver Hands and Watchable Wildlife programs, as well as an upcoming feature film starring - you guessed it - Alaska!

Alaska Grown products promote sustainable agriculture

If you've ventured north to Alaska before, chances are you spotted the circular "Alaska Grown" logo once or twice, whether it was a sticker on veggies at a local farmers market or emblazoned on a sweatshirt or bumper sticker. The yellow emblem printed across a green map of the state against a blue background is not just a motto personified by lifelong Alaskans, but a marketing initiative run by the State Division of Agriculture to promote the development of the sustainable agriculture industry, a growing movement joined by restaurants statewide.

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Alaska Grown
Verify authentic Alaska Native handicrafts through the Silver Hand program

The Alaska State Council on the Arts is the sole administrator of the Silver Hand program, with a mission to promote authentic Alaska Native art made exclusively by Alaska Native artists. The seal looks just like it sounds - a silver hand displayed against a black oval background - and indicates that the article on which it appears was created by hand in Alaska. If authenticity is what you seek in your souvenir shopping, the Silver Hand program guarantees a keepsake you will treasure for years to come.

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Silver Hand
Learn the where and when to wildlife viewing with the state's wildlife experts

Whether you’re in search of colorful shorebirds or colossal brown bears, wildlife-viewing opportunities abound in Alaska. Hundreds of species thrive in their original and undisturbed natural habitats, and viewing them is sure to be a highlight on any visit north. For tips on how and when to see wildlife in Alaska, the Division of Wildlife Conservation Wildlife Viewing program provides information on varied wildlife species through several publications and programs.

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“Everybody Loves Whales,” coming soon to a theater near you

Alaska got a taste of Hollywood last fall, when filmmakers from Universal Studios chose Anchorage as the setting for the upcoming romantic drama, “Everybody Loves Whales,” starring Drew Barrymore and John Krasinski. The movie recounts the international effort to rescue gray whales from an ocean ice pack near Barrow, Alaska in 1988, and has helped bring attention to Alaska as a feasible filmmaking destination for large-scale productions.

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Everyone Love Whales