Alaska Tips

Wild Berries Caution

Native children picking berries
Until you can identify them yourself or you are with a botanical expert, you probably shouldn't eat any of them. Alaska's trails systems are full of many different kinds of...

Vacation Length

Spectacular mountains rim nearly every coastal community in Alaska

If you have a week you have enough time for a thrilling, memorable Alaskan vacation. Almost any itinerary (see Sample Trips) can be adapted to match the amount of...

Summer Activities

gold panning in Nome
– Visit the Gates of the Arctic National Park
– Dip your toes into the Arctic Ocean on the coast of Utqiagvik (Barrow)
– Watch herds of caribou migrate north...

Choose Your Season

An RV driving through Denali National Park in the Fall
Peak Season: Mid-May to Mid-September
This is when most of Alaska's visitors travel. The days are longest, and the temperatures are the warmest. Some activities or accommodations may only...