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Alaska attracts more than its fair share of artists. They, in turn, show their love for this unusual place by creating a staggering depth of artwork using local materials and inspiration. Some of the more unusual offerings include soap made with glacial silt, wallets made of fish skin, and prints made by painting the side of a fish and then pressing that fish against the canvas. Photography is also extremely popular, with professional photographers crafting memorable portraits of Alaska's prettiest sights and wildlife, from grizzly bears snatching salmon to the delicate streamers of the northern lights dancing overhead.

For a truly unmistakable souvenir, take home a piece of fine art created by an Alaska Native artist. Each of Alaska's eleven Alaska Native cultures has their own distinctive style that evolved to express their culture, using the natural materials on hand. You can choose from beautiful woven baskets, finely carved boxes, delicate carvings in walrus ivory, beaded jewelry, luxurious work in skins and furs—and that's just the start. Or shop for modern fusions that use the same techniques and imagery, but in contemporary materials. Look for the Silver Hand emblem to ensure a piece is genuine or ask the shopkeeper to tell you about the artist.


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Scott Clendaniel's artwork captivates with its vibrant fusion of realism and contemporary flair. His use of color and texture brings each piece...

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