Alaska Native cultures are beautifully illustrated through the arts. Various Indigenous groups are known for their special talents and distinct styles of carving, beading or weaving, or for their cultural dances, singing and drumming.

Visitors to Alaska can experience performances of traditional music and dance, and see numerous examples of both ancient and modern Native art in villages, galleries, museums and cultural centers.

Look for the Silver Hand

Authentic Native Hanidcraft From Alaska SymbolHandcrafted items found in galleries and shops of Native artwork make very special gifts and are a wonderful way to remember your trip to Alaska. Be sure to look for the “Silver Hand” emblem when you shop: it’s a guarantee that the piece you want was made by an Alaska Native craftsperson or artist. The “Made in Alaska” symbol ensures that the piece was in fact crafted here, and, wherever possible, made with local materials. For more information on the Silver Hand program go to: