Unalaska/Port of Dutch Harbor Convention & Visitors Bureau

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The City of Unalaska provides a place that’s a little quieter, a little less hurried and a lot less like the rest of the world. Located on the Aleutian Chain, approximately 900 miles southwest of Anchorage, Unalaska/Dutch Harbor is full of opportunities. Hike on trails, go birding, beach combing, berry picking, fishing, skiing or kayaking. Whether you're flying in, setting out on the State Marine Highway by ferry, visiting us on a cruise ship, coming here on business or just looking for a unique getaway: Adventure awaits you in Undiscovered, Unforgettable, Unalaska.

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5 Broadway Avenue
Unalaska, AK 99685

Phone: 907-581-2612

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  • Region: Southwest
  • City/town: Regionwide
  • Service: City Guides and Visitor Centers
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