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Knightly Tours, your Alaska expert. For 49 years our philosophy hasn’t changed; we believe that your exploration of the Great Land should be personal. Our vacations are designed with you to ensure you see what you wish to see, on your schedule. We take care of the details…from all transfers to a manager on duty 24/7. Your customized vacation gives you the ultimate freedom. You travel, dine and visit the attractions you wish to include; whether its Alaska’s National Parks, its diverse wildlife, or its majestic mountains. We will ensure that you experience Alaska the way you want; big or small ship cruising, luxury rail, wilderness lodges, or self driving. Since 1969 our team has been helping independent-minded guests travel on their personal exploration of Alaska. Let us help you!

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1245 120th Avenue, NE
Bellevue, WA 98005

Phone: 800-425-2123 x210

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