Gold Daughters

10% Off Unlimited Gold Panning at Gold Daughters for Alaskan Residents

Location: Fairbanks

Panning for gold in Alaska is just for tourists, right? WRONG! This ancient artform is just as exciting to locals as it is to those from afar. Gold Rush’s have lured people away from all they’ve ever known for centuries, and as Alaskans, we have an advantage - we’re already here!

As history has taught us, the odds of striking it rich by prospecting is nearly non-existent. So, why do it? We pan because it’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s relaxing, it’s outside, there’s a chance of finding other cool rocks and minerals, and, you never know just how much gold you’ll find.

Add another skill to your list of Alaskan traits by visiting Gold Daughters and spending some time panning by yourself, or with your family. After a day of panning, you’ll be a professional gold digger and ready to challenge yourself to the various gold-bearing creeks closest to you.

To show our appreciation for locals during these unprecedented times, we want to extend a 10% discount on our Goldstream Admission to all Alaskans with an Alaskan ID during the month of July. Just say “Show Up For Alaska”  with your Alaskan ID upon checkout to redeem this deal.

We are taking social distancing measures to ensure our guests can wash their worries away in our unconfined, outdoor panning area. There is no wrong way to enjoy the simplicity of hunting for buried treasure. With your hands submerged in water, the sound of the rocks rumbling against the bottom of the gold pan, the midnight sun against your shoulders, you will realize why the shimmer in a gold pan caused the rush of a lifetime.

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