Alaska Rainbow Adventures

7 Day - 6 Night Wilderness Alaska Float Fishing Trip Trout and Salmon angling

Location: Southwest

In late June and early July the sockeye salmon begin to return to the rivers of the Bristol Bay region of Alaska, and this year they are expected to return in record numbers. Sockeye salmon are the cornerstone species in this part of Alaska, driving the ecosystem and they are also the reason that there are the massive resident rainbow trout populations the Bristol Bay region is known worldwide for. While this trip is called “Sockeyefest” it is a celebration of what they represent to the area, it's people and the fisheries both commercial and for the recreational angler is is not just about the sockeye salmon fishing, there are those beautiful leopard rainbows our wilderness Alaska float fishing trips are famous for and more, so why not join us for the Alaska float fishing trip of a lifetime and experience the Alaska we can take you to, join us for Sockeyefest 2018 from King Salmon, Alaska in the Bristol Bay region, the meca of Sockeye Salmon and Rainbow Trout fishing in Alaska!  Trip Dates are June 30 to July 6th 2018 and there is a 15% off trip special that is a savings of over $674.00.    Find out more by clicking the link above.