March 2017

Midnight Sun: Denali National Park's mountains are bathed in the twilight sunset.

Chase the Midnight Sun

Alaska's long summer days are legendary. But because Alaska is so big, not every community gets the same amount of midnight sun. In northern cities like Utqiagvik/Barrow, residents won't see a single sunset from mid-May to mid-August; the sun circles low over the horizon instead of dipping below it. A few hundred miles to the south in Fairbanks the sun will barely dip below the horizon, creating a lovely pink- and peach-shaded twilight before it rises again for another day.

Heading further south, the cities of Anchorage and Juneau receive a more genuine twilight that fades to gray before the sun comes up again—but during the months of June and July, the sky is still bright enough to go about your everyday activities all night long.

Alaskans often joke about turning a little bit manic during the summer, but it's true: After a cold and dark winter, they just have to celebrate all that sunlight! Here's how you can make the most of Alaska's midnight sun, just like a local: Read More


This Alaska solstice celebration begins in Fairbanks the Midnight Sun Festival and more. After the excitement in the city, head north of the Arctic Circle to Barrow, where the sun doesn’t set for more than 80 days during the summer.Read More

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White Pass & Yukon Railroad - submitted by Jack Cunningham

"White Pass & Yukon Railroad" - submitted by Jack Cunningham

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