July 2017

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Caribou in Denali National Park - submitted by Rita Johnson
"Caribou in Denali National Park" - submitted by Rita Johnson

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Migrating Caribou

Caribou travel to winter feeding grounds, either along shorelines or in forests.

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Where does Alaska's wildlife go?

Alaskans live a cyclical lifestyle, governed by the seasons and the weather. During the summer we play in the backcountry, fish for all we’re worth, and marvel at the wildlife and majestic landscapes all around us. When winter comes, we ski and snowboard, ride snowmobiles (or “snowmachines,” as we call them), mush dog teams and sip hot chocolate while keeping one eye out for the aurora borealis. If you’ve been to Alaska in either season, you’ve probably done some of those things right alongside us.

But we aren’t the only ones following the rhythm of Alaska’s seasons. Keep reading to find out how Alaska’s wild animals navigate those same seasonal swings.

Two swans in Redoubt Bay
Spring Migration in Alaska

The big cruise ships usually don't start visiting Southeast Alaska until May—so an April visit to the Inside Passage offers plenty of uncrowded, often discounted opportunities to see the region's looming, temperate rainforest, craggy glacier fjords, and gleaming blue glaciers. April is also the month of movement as migratory whales and shorebirds make their summer trek to the north. Read More