January 2018

Visitor Photo of the Month

Juvenile Whale Breach - submitted by Dale Gordon
"Juvenile Humpback Breach" - submitted by Dale Gordon

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Welcome to a Brand New World

Many people think of Alaska in two seasons: The glorious abundance of summer and the snowy magnificence of winter. But spring in the Last Frontier is a special experience all its own. For Alaska Spring starts in April or May depending on where you are in the state. Wherever you are in our great state you can actually see the land coming alive in front of you as trees bud and leaf out, early wildflowers spring to life, waterfalls are at their most impressive, bears emerge from their dens, and migrating whales and songbirds arrive at their summer home.

Keep reading for just a few of the ways you can enjoy a spring visit to Alaska.

Spring Migration in Alaska

April is a quieter time in Alaska’s Inside Passage before the the height of the cruise season and therefore it offers plenty of opportunities for personal, often discounted opportunities to see the region's looming, temperate rainforest, craggy glacier fjords, and gleaming blue glaciers. Read More