My Alaska News August: Winter in Alaska

Dance under the Northern Lights

Winter in Alaska is a time of stark beauty, invigorating winter sports, and the magic of the Northern Lights. The latter is one of the best reasons to visit Alaska in its darker months, as watching the glowing green, white and sometime pink lights undulate across the night sky is an experience of a lifetime.

Winter might not be as bustling as summer in the 49th state, but there are lots of great ways that you can experience the magic of the aurora borealis. Photography tours, aurora “wakeup calls” in hotels, and remote lodges that cater to winter aurora visitors are a few examples of the ways in which winter travelers are welcomed and accommodated in Alaska.

Mid-winter is an excellent time to catch a Northern Lights show, thanks to gorgeous snow-covered landscapes and extra hours of nighttime (making it possible to watch them in the afternoon), but you can still spot them during shoulder seasons. Late August and early April offer ample opportunities for viewing the Lights in the Interior and Far North.

Aurora Borealis in the winter near Fairbanks

Explore some of Alaska’s best and most accessible spots to catch the magical Northern Lights in late fall, winter and early spring. The following four-day tour puts you under the aurora oval’s (the magnetic halo that circles the North and South poles) best locations.Read More

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"Dream Island" - submitted by Frank Zink

"Dream Island" - submitted by Frank Zink

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