Alaska Tips

North Pole

Santa's house in North Pole

It doesn't take much imagination to figure out why this is a "can't miss" for travelers to the North.

The community of North Pole is located just south of Fairbanks...


Bring insect repellant on hikes and camping trips!

Much like wilderness areas in other parts of the U.S., Alaska has its share of pesky insects. Mosquitoes are perhaps the most widespread and persistent of insects in Alaska, occurring...

Hunting Information

Dall sheep

Hunting in Alaska provides the full range of experiences from mountain goats and deer to caribou and bear. It's famous for its huge moose, vast caribou herds, brown bears, Dall...

Summer Activities

gold panning in Nome
– Visit the Gates of the Arctic National Park
– Dip your toes into the Arctic Ocean on the coast of Utqiagvik (Barrow)
– Watch herds of caribou migrate north...