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Alaska’s scenery and wilderness are one-of-a-kind. To preserve all the things that make Alaska unique, try touring sustainably on a Hurtigruten Expeditions small-ship cruise. This Adventure Green Alaska (AGA) certified expedition cruise is a wonderful way to see the stunning Inside Passage of Alaska. Onboard you’ll learn about the region through educational lectures, as well as step off the ship and see why they call Alaska “The Last Frontier” by exploring the varied landscape in a kayak or on a hike, and experience the unique culture through town walks. Here are a few ways that Hurtigruten is exploring Alaska sustainably:

1. Adventure Green Alaska certification

Adventure Green Alaska is Alaska’s only sustainable tourism certification program. This certification defines sustainable tourism as travel to natural areas that benefits local economies, respects the environment, and is sensitive to Indigenous cultures. Traveling with Hurtigruten to Alaska is a much different proposition than sailing on the big white ships. Traveling with sustainability makes all the difference in protecting this last frontier environmentally, economically, culturally, and socially.

2. Banning single-use plastics

Hurtigruten has focused on the problem with plastic pollution for years and has banned single use plastics on its ships to reduce the impact plastic has on our oceans. When you travel on a Hurtigruten cruise, you can have peace of mind knowing that they are working to cut down on waste and build more sustainable travel for a brighter Alaska future.

3. Cleaner hybrid ships

By retrofitting ships with large battery packs and hybrid engines, the impact on the Alaska environment and its wildlife is greatly reduced. Cutting down on emissions is one of the core principals of Hurtigruten and it is spearheading changes to preserve the areas it travels through. In addition to cutting down on fuel use, Hurtigruten also uses the cleanest fuel possible and none of Hurtigruten’s ships use heavy fuel oil (HFO).

4. Cutting down on food waste

When travelling to Alaska by ship, what you take out of the water is equally important as what you put in. Hurtigruten is committed to sustainable fishing practices when purchasing food for their ships and requires third party certification of all fish purchased (MSC, ASC or equivalent). In addition to being able to trace sustainability in sourcing food, Hurtigruten is also committed to cutting down food waste. By adopting these ethical and sustainable practices for the onboard culinary programs, you can relax on your Alaska voyage and focus on the experience.

69% of travelers have listed sustainable travel as a priority to their upcoming vacation. Help preserve the beauty of Alaska and plan your next trip with a Hurtigruten cruise. Visit for more info and to plan your next adventure today.

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