Meet an Eagle

Even birds of prey need a little help getting back on their feet sometimes. The Alaska Raptor Center provides medical treatment to injured birds with the hopes of rehabilitation and successful re-entry to the wild. Each year, the Alaska Raptor Center treats more than 200 birds and those unable to survive on their own join the “Raptors-in-Residence” team. Visit the scenic 17-acre sanctuary that is located along the Indian River to come face to face with the 24 resident bald and golden eagles, hawks, falcons and owls. Go to the Flight Training Center to watch eagles and other birds regain their strength and develop the skills they’ll need to maneuver obstacles in the wild. Talk to the veterinarians and education specialists at the center to learn fascinating facts like why owls can turn their heads 270 degrees and how an eagle can spot a rabbit from more than three miles away.

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