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Kantishna is a remote settlement deep in the heart of Denali National Park and Preserve.

About Kantishna

For many, Kantishna provides the ultimate lodging location in Denali National Park and Preserve. Visitors here are surrounded by the best of Denali scenery and feel as close to nature as anywhere in Alaska. Located at the very end of the only road into Denali, Kantishna features several luxurious wilderness resorts, most of which feature meals and transportation from the park entrance about 90 miles away. One of the most sought-after photographs in Alaska can be easily captured on a clear day here: 20,237-foot Mount McKinley looming overhead.

The settlement of Kantishna was founded in 1905 as a mining camp near the juncture of Eureka and Moose creeks. Gold in the region brought a flurry of prospectors in the early days, but as the gold began to run out so did interest in mining the Kantishna Hills. Now it is exclusively geared toward recreation and seasonal tourism.
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