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Angler's Paradise Lodges
Angler's Paradise LodgesAngler's Paradise Lodges

Region: Southwest
City/town: Regionwide
Service: Wilderness Lodges and Resorts

Since 1950 the "Angler's Paradise Lodges" have offered the world's finest freshwater sport fishing at each of its three lodges - Brooks Lodge, Kulik Lodge and Grosvenor Lodge. We operate the only lodging concessions inside Katmai National Park authorized by the National Park Service. The abundance of wildlife in the park and the incredible fishing opportunities make Katmai National Park Alaska's most exciting destination.

The "Angler's Paradise Lodges" are the standard of excellence, located in spectacular wilderness settings with superb fishing on the home waters next to each lodge. Centrally positioned in the best trout and salmon fishing area of Alaska, the lodges give "Angler's Paradise" guests the best and easiest access to hundreds of miles of breathtaking lakes and streams in the area.

4125 Aircraft Drive
Anchorage, AK 99502
Phone:(907) 243-5448
Fax:(907) 243-0649
Toll Free:800-544-0551

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