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Winter Packages  

Winter Packages

Alaska winters offer much to sightseers – fresh snow everywhere, long twilight hours that light up the sky in shades of pink, purple and orange, trees covered with a thick layer of crystalline frost and of course, northern lights dancing in the night sky.

Consider flightseeing in winter, when the late sunrise offers perfect conditions for a leisurely trip around the top of North America’s highest peak, Mount McKinley. Peaks are bathed in alpenglow and glaciers and ice fields appear all the more extreme with a deep coat of snow.

Snowmobilers, skiers and snowshoers can explore the backcountry, solo or with a guide, to get a sense of the infinite stillness and peace offered on trails and in remote valleys. Heliskiing brings extreme skiing enthusiasts to the heart of some of Alaska’s most remote mountains for completely untouched terrain and an unforgettable experience.

Alaska’s most popular winter sightseeing option is northern lights viewing, and several businesses cater to this niche with aurora-themed tour options, including trips north of the Arctic Circle for some of the most dramatic displays. Dog mushing, snowmobiling, outdoor hot springs and other tours with an aurora twist give you the best chance of seeing one of these magical displays for yourself.

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