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Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary  

Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary

Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary is located southwest of Dillingham in northern Bristol Bay. The sanctuary is a remote seven-island preserve that includes the largest walrus haul-out grounds in Alaska. Most visitor attention is focused on Round Island, where each summer up to 14,000 male walruses haul out on the rocky beaches between feedings.

Other wildlife is also plentiful on this remote island. Several hundred Steller's sea lions regularly haul out at East Cape, the eastern tip of the island, and are frequently spotted swimming offshore, as are sea lions. Gray whales feed in small pods offshore in April and May during their annual spring migration. Orcas, humpback and minke whales appear from time to time. Harbor seals are common on all of the islands except Round Island. Red foxes inhabit the island and are regularly spotted by visitors. Fox kits (babies) may be observed in summer.

For birders, close to 250,000 seabirds return to the islands to nest and raise their young each summer. Passerines and raptors are among the summer residents.

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